Joe Rogan challenges Katt Williams to appear on JRE podcast at last

Connor Bennett
Joe Rogan talking to mic on podcast set with white shirt on

Joe Rogan has urged fellow comedian Katt Williams to appear on the JRE Podcast after he claimed that Joe only has “6 comedians” regularly on the show. 

When the Joe Rogan Experience podcast first started out, it was mostly about Rogan and his fellow comedians debriefing their recent shows and trying out some new material with each other. 

Over the years, that has changed as Rogan has branched out into pretty much every corner of the internet, but he’s retained plenty of comedic aspects. The likes of Joey Diaz, Shane Gillis, and Tom Segura regularly appear on the podcast – especially if they have shows coming up. 

Rogan has had pretty much every big name in comedy on his show, but has been accused by Katt Williams of just having a shallow rotation as the comic has not appeared despite his massive popularity. 

Joe Rogan invites Katt Williams onto JRE podcast after call out

Williams, who is one of the biggest comedians in the US, called Rogan out in early 2024 for not inviting him onto the JRE, claiming Joe “don’t want me on there” and that he only wants to push “six comedians” at times.

Well, Rogan has repeatedly invited his fellow comic to appear on the podcast since, including a shoutout on episode 2089 with Joey Diaz. “I love Katt, he did that interview saying I wouldn’t have him on, I was like ‘what are you talking about?’ I’ll have you on,” the JRE host said. 

“Let’s go, anytime. Whenever you want to come by, call me – I will fire this place up at three in the morning for you, I’ll wake up.”

It’s not the first time that the UFC commentator has addressed Williams’ claims either. He previously tweeted that he was open to having his fellow comic appear on the podcast and put the ball firmly in his court. 

Whether or not Williams takes him up on the offer remains to be seen, but nothing is stopping it from happening now.