JMX calls out Logan Paul for boxing match after claiming YouTuber backed out

JMX claims logan paul backed out of boxing matchYouTube: JMX, IMPAULSIVE

Popular British YouTuber JMX has challenged Logan Paul to a boxing match, claiming the influencer backed out of a possible bout after meeting him in person.

Logan Paul is officially getting back into the boxing ring this year, although the name of his upcoming opponent is still unknown.

However, there have been plenty of offers from high profile content creators and even professional fighters throughout the years — one of them being British YouTuber JMX.

JMX has had beef with Logan Paul for some time now. Back in 2019, he threw his name in the hat for a possible MMA bout with Logan, saying, “You might not want to fight me but if you do, I’d love to knee the sh*t out of you.”

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That’s not all; in October 2022, he called out Paul for a possible match after winning a bout against Ginty.

Paul shot back at his victory with some stinging insults, calling JMX a “f**king klutz” and saying, “you ain’t going to fight me, dummy.”

It’s clear that there’s no love lost between these two YouTube-boxers, and JMX is once again adding fuel to the fire with his latest statement on the elder Paul brother.

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JMX says Logan Paul backed out of boxing match after meeting him in person

In an interview with Misfits Boxing, JMX openly challenged Logan to a boxing match — and even claimed that ‘The Maverick’ had backed out of a potential match after meeting up with him in person several years ago.

“I mean, I’d just love to knock him out, really,” he admitted. “We’ve got a lot of history. He had the balls to call me out, initially, and then he withdrew his offer after he met me in person — I think it was a good three, four years ago now.”

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“I think he wants to fight this year. If he can grow a pair, then I’m f*cking down.”

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So far, JMX’s boxing record is a far prettier sight than Paul’s; right now, JMX is sitting pretty at 4-0, while Paul has gone 0-2 (not including his exhibition against Floyd Mayweather in 2021).

For now, it’s uncertain if this bout will ever take place, but it’s clear that JMX is game if Paul’s ever up to the task.

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