Jidion impersonator fools everyone after “sneaking” into TwitchCon

Twitch: Samham

Twitch streamer Samham has pranked the live streaming community by “sneaking” into TwitchCon pretending to be controversial and banned creator Jidion.

Earlier this year, Jidion was permanently banned from Twitch following a hate raid on Pokimane’s channel. Despite apologizing and making up her, the 21-year-old still remains banned.

It doesn’t look like he’ll be back anytime soon either. Jidion has even claimed that the platform is “racist” after a streamer was unbanned in seven days after having sex on stream, while he still remains permanently banned for what he claims was “a far lesser offense.”

Following on from being kicked out of TwitchCon EU in July for allegedly harassing TommyInnit’s fans, an impersonator pretending to be the banned creator attended TwitchCon 2022 in San Diego — and they had just about everybody fooled

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Jidion impersonator appears in TwitchCon

In a October 12 video, Twitch streamer Samham headed to TwitchCon looking just like the banned streamer, kitted with Jidion’s classic ‘professional rawdoggger’ t-shirt while also wearing crocs and a black durag.

Samham explained that the platform had done Jidion wrong, and being a Twitch partner himself, he had no issues getting into the event dressed up like him.

After immediately entering the venue, Jidion fans began following and asking the impersonator for photos. Before long, security even began following him too, where they asked to see the other side of this badge to make sure it’s “legitimate.”

Initially refusing, he eventually showed the security, who took a picture of his badge before continuing on wondering around the venue. With security still trailing in the distance, he attracted more and more attention as word that Jidion was at the event circled.

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Samham even made a guest appearance on Nickeh30’s panel, where he freaked out and fanboyed over the streamer while pretending to be Jidion — which was absolutely comical.

Throughout the 17-minute long video, hundreds of fans were fully convinced that it was actually him. While a few suspected that it wasn’t Jidion, even one of his friends and fellow streamer iziprime was fooled.

At the end of the video, he event briefly got the chance to talk to Jidion after iziprime FaceTimed in disbelief.