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JiDion hits out at Twitch for unbanning streamer after shooting threat

Published: 31/Mar/2022 23:09

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube prankster JiDion has spoken out on Twitch’s decision to unban streamer Narcissawright after she threatened a shooting at the streaming platform’s HQ.

In January, Twitch star Pokimane became the target of a sudden hate raid orchestrated by fellow streamer JiDion.

The raid saw Pokimane’s social media accounts inundated with abusive comments for some time, and ultimately resulted in JiDion’s permanent ban from the platform.

Despite the drama that occurred between them, the two content creators publicly reconciled a few weeks later, making amends in a YouTube video that took the internet by storm.

Jidion announces surprise collab with Pokimane after hate raid drama
Twitter: Jidion
JiDion surprised the internet by announcing an apparent truce with Pokimane, nearly a month after his hate raid copped him a permanent ban on Twitch.

Although JiDion openly apologized to Pokimane and begged those harassing her to stop, he’s still banned from streaming on the purple platform to this day.


However, Twitch viewers are raising their eyebrows at another ban on the platform months later — one that didn’t end up being permanent.

On March 22, streamer ‘Narcissawright’ received an indefinite ban from the site for showing accidental nudity. In response, she posted a tweet saying she wanted to kill herself and “shoot people at Twitch HQ” due to the ban.

narcissawright twitch threat tweet
Narcissawright (Twitter)
Narcissa’s tweet threatening to “shoot people” at Twitch HQ.

Several days afterward, Narcissa revealed that her ban had been reduced to a 22 day suspension due to “the remorse expressed in [her] appeal.”

JiDion has now spoken out regarding the matter — but he’s not bitter about his permanent ban. Instead, he wants more consistency from Twitch staff when it comes to enforcing rules.


JiDion criticizes Twitch after Narcissawright unban

“I wish Twitch would have an outline of, you know, keeping it the same for everybody,” he said in an interview with Drama Alert. “I feel like there are so many outliers and different cases to where it makes the Terms of Service useless in a sense.”

“They’ll follow it for someone, and then they won’t follow it for someone else. If I have the right to be permanently banned, it is what it is. I feel like you have to keep that same status quo for all your users. You can’t be having these special cases that they’re constantly showing.”


(Topic begins at 2:22)

JiDion went on to explain that he doesn’t believe Twitch has a gender “bias” toward women and reiterated that he’s happy he and Pokimane made up.

For now, he’s seeking out a boxing opponent as he orchestrates more wild pranks — like that time he got a courtside haircut at an NBA game.