Twitch reverses permaban for streamer who threatened to "shoot people" at their HQ - Dexerto

Twitch reverses permaban for streamer who threatened to “shoot people” at their HQ

Published: 29/Mar/2022 19:51

by Michael Gwilliam


Famous speedrunner and Twitch streamer Narcissawright, formerly known as CosmoWright, has had her permaban reversed despite threatening to shoot people at the platform’s headquarters.

Narcissawright is one of the internet’s most storied speedrunners, best known for her iconic Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time records in which she beat the N64 title in just minutes.

On March 21, however, she was permanently banned on Twitch for violating the site’s rules on nudity and sexual content. This prompted her to tweet: “I want to kill myself and shoot people at the Twitch HQ!”

Despite this threat and the permaban, just over a week later, the streamer shockingly had her punishment reversed.


Twitch reverses permaban after ‘remorseful appeal’

On March 29, Narcissa revealed that Twitch had decided to reverse the decision to permanently ban her, instead reducing it to a 22-day suspension.

“Given the details of your case, including the remorse expressed in your appeal, we have decided to reduce your suspension duration,” Twitch said in an email to the streamer.

Twitch further stated that the ban would expire 22 days after it was originally issued, but also said that attempts to evade the suspension would result in additional penalties.

During her ban, Narcissa posted a photo of her email inbox revealing that she had two additional Twitch accounts indefinitely banned, suggesting she had attempted to bypass the suspension.


Speaking with Dexerto, the speedrunner claimed that her shooting threat was “not credible” and that she didn’t own any weapons, to begin with.

Still, the streamer says she is grateful to Twitch for hearing her appeal out and reducing her ban duration so significantly. Whether or not she faces additional punishment for ban evasion, however, remains unknown.