JiDion goes viral after getting haircut on sidelines of NBA game

JiDion-NBA-haircut-viralYouTube: JiDion

JiDion went viral on social media after being spotted getting a haircut on the sidelines of an NBA game between Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks in Minneapolis on March 25.

JiDion burst onto the scene in 2022, controversially, after encouraging his Twitch viewers to launch a hate raid on Pokimane, which forced her to end her stream. He was permanently banned for it, too.

However, Poki gave him a chance to turn things around by extending an olive branch and collaborating with him. Since then, things have been on the up and up for the YouTuber, and that momentum has continued.

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Jidion announces surprise collab with Pokimane after hate raid dramaTwitter: Jidion6
JiDion and Pokimane made the internet do a double-take after uploading this selfie together.

Aside from streaming games, Jidion’s content also revolves around making comedic videos like getting haircuts in lecture theatres. This time, though, he took it a step further and got a fresh cut courtside in the middle of an NBA game.

Not only did the camera and the commentators avert their attention to him, but it also drew a reaction from some of the players, too. What’s more, it went viral on social media after the official NBA account posted it.

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JiDion didn’t respond to that tweet. However, he responded to a different post from the Minnesota Timberwolves account about him and seemed delighted with being in the spotlight.

“I’m on something 2022,” he said.

So, although things looked dire for him in January following all the drama with Poki, public opinion seems to be more favorable towards him now that he’s taken responsibility and made an effort to move on.

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