Banned Twitch streamer threatens to “shoot people” at platform HQ

Zackerie Fairfax
narcissawright twitch threat

Twitch streamer narcissawright, famous for their Ocarina of Time speedruns, has threatened to “shoot people” at Twitch HQ after being banned from the platform.

Narcissawright was an accomplished speedrunner and known mainly for her The Legend of Zelda: OOT speedruns. In 2014, Narcissa – then known as CosmoWright – earned the world record for OOT with a run of 18 minutes and 10 seconds.

In late 2015, the streamer moved away from speedrunning and began their transition changing their name to Narcissa. She was then banned from Twitch in 2018 for violating the platform’s guidelines regarding nudity and sexual content.

She returned to Twitch on March 19, 2022, to stream a variety of content from Just Chatting streams to playing Zelda: BOTW. But a recent ban has caused Narcissa to take to Twitter to threaten self-harm and take a gun to Twitch HQ.

narcissawright 2018 stream
narcissawright recently returned to streaming after being banned indefinitely in 2018.

Narcissawright threatens shooting at Twitch HQ

On March 21, narcissawright was banned from Twitch.

Viewers claim she opened a link on stream that contained content that violated Twitch’s TOS. This has happened to a number of streamers in the past and warrants a minor suspension under the platform’s accidental nudity policy.

Following the ban, the streamer posted several tweets reading, “the internet is hell”, “real life is hell, too” and “@twitch makes me want to DIE!!!!!”

In a fourth tweet, Narcissa expressed she wanted to kill herself and also threatened a shooting at Twitch HQ. She wrote, “I want to kill myself and shoot people at the twitch HQ!!! hahahaah!!”

While Narcissa’s threats are alarming, many of her fans and former viewers have expressed concern for her mental well-being.

narcissawright twitch threat tweet
Narcissa’s tweet threatened to “shoot people” at Twitch HQ.

Narcissa responds to threats

Speaking with Dexerto, Narcissa clarified that the threat was not legitimate and that she doesn’t even own weapons. “I know this is an edgy comment but I think if Twitch really cared about mental health they would have reached out and talked to me instead of suddenly deplatforming me,” she said. “I don’t own any weapons and the threat was non-credible. I did feel like self-harming though, and the tweet was my way of self-harming.”

Furthermore, she claimed that Twitch banned her for showing a disturbing photo by mistake and made the decision to indefinitely suspend her without any prior warning.

“Shortly after the gross image was shown, I was banned (permanently) — an indefinite suspension. It felt cruel — a cruel response to me being shown a gross image,” she explained.

Narcissa says she has yet to receive a response from Twitch regarding the ban.

Additional reporting by Dexerto’s Michael Gwilliam