Jessi Smiles releases phone call with Gabbie Hanna after years-long feud

Jessi Smiles Gabbie HannaInstagram: Jessismiles__, Twitter: GabbieHanna

YouTuber Jessi ‘Smiles’ Vazquez has released a phone call with former friend Gabbie Hanna that proves her involvement with abusive ex-boyfriend, Curtis Lepore on multiple occasions. 

All the way back in 2019, Jessi released a YouTube video accusing former best friend, Gabbie Hanna, of affiliating with her abusive ex-boyfriend, Curtis Lepore.

The feud has continued to dominate the past few years on the internet, with both women going back and forth over the issue.

Gabbie has once more denied any involvement with Lepore in an interview with Buzzfeed, and claimed that they only met once after the story broke. A new phone call released by Jessi, however, proves that Gabbie actually met the former Vine star on three separate occasions.

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Jessi SmilesInstagram: Jessismiles__
Jessi took ex-boyfriend, Curtis Lapore, to court for rape.

Jessi Smiles releases phone call with Gabbie Hanna

On June 7, 2021, Jessi dropped a series of tweets showing a phone call that she had in summer 2020, regarding the situation.

Writing that “Gabbie and I had a phone call last summer. I never planned to release it. In fact, there’s nothing I want more than to never talk or think about Gabbie ever again. But her continued lying about my trauma has officially broken me and I don’t know what else to do.”

Warning: Audio may be distressing for some listeners

Gabbie admits that, right at the beginning of the back and forth exchange between the women, Lepore facetimed her. When Jessi challenges her by asking “why did you pick up?” Gabbie notes that she “didn’t have the number saved.”

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Gabbie explains that the second incident took place at an event where Lepore approached her and “tried to take a selfie,” which she refused. Jessi, however, has included a copy of said photo.

The final incident, and the one that has stirred controversy, was during a 1600 Vine party. “He showed up and I was like ‘oh, f**k no.’ He tried to talk to me, or pull me aside.” When Jessi interjects yet again because Gabbie has consistently denied the meeting, Gabbie responds “that’s a completely different situation. That’s literally months and months later.”

The video concludes with Gabbie continuing to deny that she spent time with Lepore’s friends, despite Jessi showing photographic evidence. “I am allowed to have friends, I am allowed to collaborate, I can’t cut everybody out of my life,” Gabbie responds.

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Gabbie Hanna poses in an Instagram pictureInstagram: Gabbie Hanna
Gabbie has admitted to meeting Lepore three times since the allegations were made public.

Gabbie listened to Lepore’s story

Part two of the call dives into Gabbie’s actual involvement with Lepore, which Jessi describes as leaving her “disgusted.”

“He said ‘do you mind if I tell you the story of that night?’ And I said ‘I mean, yeah that’s fine, I’ve heard her side, you can tell me yours.’ So he told me the exact same story.” A visibly upset Jessi responds with “I didn’t even know he told you the story of the night I was raped.”

“Why would you listen to him?” asks Jessi, to which Gabbie claims she was “getting ready to defend [Jessi]… I was deadass waiting for him to lie.” From here, Jessi quickly hands up the phone and is clearly incredibly distressed.

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Jessi’s evidence

In a series of tweets following the videos, Jessi proceeds to provide evidence that contradicts what Gabbie claims on the phone call, including tweets that publicly defended Lepore.

Gabbie concludes, “I want you to work on a public statement, and then we can work on it together. I want a public apology…” When Jessi immediately declines, Gabbie states “I’m going to keep going then.

“I have publicly apologized for a situation that should have been private, so I think it’s only fair that you can extend that same courtesy to me considering what I’ve been through”

As this situation continues to unravel we’ll keep you up to date with the latest from Jessi and Gabbie.

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