Jeffree Star reveals he’s had “zero” contact with Tati Westbrook & James Charles since fallout

YouTube: E!

In an exclusive interview with E! Online, Jeffree Star spilled the tea on the current state of his relationship with Tati Westbrook and James Charles, as well as confirming his ongoing friendship with YouTuber Shane Dawson.

Jeffree made the revelations as part of an interview with E! Online reporter Denny Directo on June 26. On Shane Dawson, Jeffree said: “We’re still really great friends and always will be. He took a really long break and did a lot of self reflection, and I’m really proud of that and I’m proud of our [Conspiracy] collection.”

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Shane has remained largely offline since June 2020 following accusations of racism amongst other things. However, he recently hinted at a comeback to the internet.

Meanwhile, Star admitted during his interview that his relationship with both Tati and James remained at a zero, explaining that he hadn’t spoken to either of them in over two years.

Star’s relationship with Charles and Westbrook has been fractured since the release of Tati’s explosive ‘Bye Sister’ video, which came out in June 2019. In the video, which marked the start of ‘Dramageddon 2.0’, Westbrook called out Charles for allegedly manipulating straight men into sexual relationships with him alongside other allegations.

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While Jeffree doubled down on these accusations at the time, calling James a “predator” on Twitter, Tati later released another video the following year in which she accused Shane Dawson and Jeffree of feeding her “poisonous” lies about James and manipulating her to turn against him.

Instagram: Jeffree Star
Jeffree said in the interview with E! that he hasn’t spoken to Tati or James for two years.

Star recently revealed in a tell-all video that he was leaving California for Wyoming, citing mental health concerns following a traumatic car accident earlier this year that left him in a backbrace. In the video, he also admitted that he “slipped into” a “Regina George” character within the YouTube beauty community.

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With the YouTube beauty community’s “Mean Girls” looking to be well and truly disbanded, it will be interesting to see where the community, and Jeffree, go from here.