Shane Dawson loses 400,000 YouTube subs following apology video

Shane Dawson apology YouTubeYouTube: Shane Dawson

Shane Dawson has seen his YouTube subscriber numbers take a tumble, losing 400,000 subs since June 23 as fans continue to walk away from his channel.

Ever since joining the platform all the way back in 2008, Shane Dawson has been creating original content – rising to stardom through the years. However, his channel is currently in the midst of freefall when it comes to subscriber numbers.

The exodus of fans began on June 23, with 100,000 deciding to unsubscribe. On June 26, the 31-year-old uploaded an apology video where he addressed claims that a number of his previous uploads were racist, as admitted that he was ashamed that he had mocked racial stereotypes and even used blackface. 

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Since then, the number of fans who have decided to walk away from his channel has only continued to grow.

Shane Dawson Apology VideoShane Dawson, YouTube
Dawson uploaded an apology video on June 26, addressing the claims put against him.

According to SocialBlade, a website that tracks social media stats and YouTube subscriber numbers, Dawson has lost 100,000 subscribers each day since his apology video was uploaded. 

The exit of fans has also seen his channel even dip below 23,000,000 subscribers. However, plenty of viewers are still watching his videos. On June 28, the channel gained 1,331,856 new video views – though, he had lost 1,194,593,422 on June 27, presumably as videos were being deleted. 

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Dawson has been losing an average of 100,000 subs per day.

While many fans may have unsubscribed following the racist allegations put towards Dawson, the YouTuber also came under fire from Jaden Smith on June 27.

The musician and actor tweeted that he was “disgusted” that Shane had ‘sexualized’ his sister, Willow Smith, who happened to be 11-years-old when Dawson made his joke – with his post getting over 855,000 likes and 144,000 retweets. 

It remains to be as seen to whether or not even more fans will unsubscribe from Shane Dawson in the coming days, or if the current exodus is the biggest bit of backlash that he will face. 

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