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Jeffree Star responds to “disappointed” fans after Blood Money palette launch

Published: 10/Nov/2020 20:07

by Virginia Glaze


YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star has responded to outrage from his fanbase, which erupted shortly after the launch of his ‘Blood Money’ makeup palette — a product launch that some critics felt was inauthentic.

If there’s one thing we know about Jeffree Star, it’s that he goes all out with his makeup products.

Giving each eyeshadow palette a different theme — from the gothic, black and white tones of ‘Cremated’ to the deep purples of ‘Blood Lust’ — Star is not one to skimp on fanfare, but his latest product launch may have been a bit too “over the top” for some fans.


Star pushed out the trailer for his all-green palette ‘Blood Money’ on November 7, which showed the beauty guru posing in front of his $14.6 million mansion with a ten-foot alligator, as well as trying out swatches of the upcoming product.

However, the bits where he spoke to the camera regarding the eyeshadows seemed to rub fans the wrong way, with many commenters finding the video performative and lacking energy.

“He doesn’t even seem excited, he’s just going through the motions,” one user wrote.

“I was waiting for the phrase, ‘But wait, there’s more,’ the entire time,” another added. “This belongs to the set of late night infomercials on TV.”


Commenters express negative feelings about Star's Blood Money palette launch.
YouTube: Jeffree Star
Commenters were quick to express how they felt about Jeffree Star’s latest makeup launch.

The wave of negative comments didn’t escape Star’s notice, who addressed the backlash in a soul-baring video just three days later.

“I was having a horrific day when I filmed that reveal,” he admitted. “I wanted to create a larger-than-life moment to match the feel of the collection… but when I saw that, I was like, ‘Oh, the reveal has to be even crazier.’”

“I tried a bunch of new things, and a lot of it did not work,” he continued. “And it rubbed you guys the wrong way. It was really hard to sleep last night. I was feeling so sick to my stomach after reading everything.”


Star went on to explain that his launch video had been edited by someone outside of his usual repertoire of hires, which clarifies the sometimes awkward moments where he paused or looked down at the palette — moments that normally would not have made their way in the final cut.

Star’s video has been received positively by fans, who congratulated him for taking their feedback and providing an explanation for the oddly out-of-sorts video.

The ‘Blood Money’ pallete is set to launch on November 13, 2020.