Jeffree Star hits back at critics upset he’s donating to fans

YouTube: Mr Kate

YouTuber and makeup mogul Jeffree Star, like many top influencers, is using his platform to help fans in need amid the uncertain global climate — but not everyone is happy with his philanthropic deeds.

Star’s name has trended on Twitter several times throughout the past several days, after the beauty guru announced his generous cash giveaways to fans who retweet and follow him, or used the hashtag “#JeffreeStarApproved.”

Donating thousands of dollars to fans in need, the star has become one of many influencers who are using their positions for a good cause — but even acts of charity can come under scrutiny.

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Jeffree Star, Instagram
YouTuber Jeffree Star is using his platform as a top influencer to give back to fans in need.

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Apparently, not everyone is happy about Star’s campaign to help financially insecure viewers during global turmoil, as evidenced by a Tweet he published on April 1.

In his post, Star hit back at critics who are apparently upset with him for giving out money to fans in need, asking they do some introspection to address their bitterness and even admitting that he’s privately donated millions to charitable causes.

“If anyone is mad that I’m giving away MY money, you have a lot of soul-searching to do,” he began. “My family and I have donated millions privately, and I’ve helped every single person in my life. I love giving back, if that offends anyone, can’t relate.”

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He continued with this message in response to an understanding fan, writing, “If anyone’s acting up and being mad instead of giving back, honestly can’t relate.”

Star isn’t the only YouTuber coming under fire for his charitable acts, either; James Charles likewise hinted that he’d received some hate after kicking off his own donation campaign a week prior, noting the sudden change in haters’ comments after offering to help out his fans financially.

“It’s also sad that I get hate comments all day long, and then as soon as I retweet someone and offer to help out an amazing supporter, suddenly everyone only has nice things to say,” he wrote.

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James Charles, Twitter / Clevver News, YouTube
James Charles has also apparently received some heat after donating to fans in need.

No matter the case, it seems that some stars can’t catch a break — even when they’re giving back to fans out of the goodness of their own hearts.