TikTok star Baby Ariel reacts to Jacob Sartorius dating speculation

Baby Ariel, YouTube / Jacob Sartorius, Instagram

TikTok star and actress Baby Ariel has spoken out about speculation surrounding her love life after fans began questioning if she was dating fellow internet celebrity Jacob Sartorius.

Ariel Rebecca Martin, otherwise known as Baby Ariel, is a massive creator on TikTok, boasting over 31.7 million followers on the platform at just 19 years old due to her viral dancing and lip syncing videos.

As one of the platform’s top personalities, it comes as little surprise that fans paired her with another huge social media star — former Viner Jacob Sartorius, who rose to fame at the height of the app’s popularity and is now known for his musical career.

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Baby Ariel, Instagram
Actress and TikTok star Baby Ariel has finally addressed popular fan speculation regarding her relationship with Viner Jacob Sartorius.

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In fact, fans were so curious about the pair’s alleged love affair that the question came up during her Q & A video on March 30, where she specifically addressed the popular rumor.

“Last question: Are you and Jacob Sartorius dating?” she read from her compiled list of fan queries at the end of her video. “No! We’re just friends. We’re BFFS.”

While her response was quite cut-and-dried, some fans are still spotting potential that that the star is hiding her love life from the cameras, as evidenced by her indirect response to the question: Who is your crush?

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Jacob Sartorius, Instagram
Viner and music artist Jacob Sartorius was once linked to actress Millie Bobbie Brown, but is now speculated by fans to be involved with TikTokker Baby Ariel.

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Rather than giving an answer, Baby Ariel avoided the question completely, giving the camera a pointed look before moving right along to the next fan query.

Comments on Ariel’s video have since been disabled, further making fans confused — but that’s not the only thing that’s giving them something to chew on.

(Topic begins at 7:36 for mobile readers)

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Sartorius appears to be single, as well, after tweeting out: “I want a beautiful girl who I’m obsessed with that I can trust and who loves me for me.”

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Fan speculation aside, it seems like these two internet stars are definitely not involved with each other, leaving internet detectives disappointed after the two often appeared in each other’s content.

Formerly involved with Millie Bobbie Brown, Sartorius appears single and ready to mingle — just not with Baby Ariel, apparently.

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