James Charles hits out at critics after donating to fans on Twitter

James Charles, YouTube

YouTube star and makeup mogul James Charles has hit back at haters in a series of now-deleted Tweets, after donating to fans he interacted with on the platform.

As one of YouTube’s biggest rising stars, Charles boasts a sizeable audience on multiple social media platforms — Twitter being one of them, where he interacted with his viewers in a unique way.

In light of the current global and economic crisis, James decided to donate to his fans affected by the ongoing situation, taking care of their bills and even sending them free palettes as a thank-you for their viewership.

James Charles, Instagram
James Charles is one of YouTube’s most popular beauty gurus, boasting over 17 million subscribers on the platform.

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However, not everyone was pleased by Charles’ efforts to give back to his audience, echoing the actions of other top stars in the space like Jeffree Star and Mr Beast.

Charles revealed he’d been receiving some negative comments in two now-deleted posts, claiming that haters were quote tweeting him saying mean things for clout points.

“It’s so funny opening up my Twitter notifications and watching people quote my tweets saying rude things, desperately trying to get a viral Tweet lmao,” he wrote.

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That’s not all; he also noted how quick critics were to switch up once he started his charitable donation campaign, revealing how often he receives online hate and how the tone of his replies seemed to swiftly change once he was being generous.

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“It’s also sad that I get hate comments all day long, and then as soon as I retweet someone and offer to help out an amazing supporter, suddenly everyone only has nice things to say.”

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This is far from the first time James has clapped back at online trolls; the star has dealt with a slew of hatred throughout his career, with the latest instances stemming from trolls claiming that the star slid into their dating app DMs, despite being straight.

Charles has denied such claims multiple times in wake of his 2019 drama with former mentor Tati Westbrook — but he has successfully put the past behind him, seeing massive success after collaborating with TikTok stars like Charli D’Amelio and even the creator behind ‘Rosa,’ Adam Martinez.

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