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Jeff Wittek responds to David Dobrik’s boxing challenge after vlogging comeback

Published: 22/Jun/2021 19:11

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star David Dobrik has finally made his grand return to vlogging — and it looks like he’s already got a boxing match lined up after the explosive drama with his friend, Jeff Wittek.

David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek were once thick as thieves, regularly appearing in David’s vlogs together alongside Wittek’s independent ‘Barber Shop’ interview series.

However, amid the backlash against Dobrik several months ago (which included allegations from former Vlog Squad members claiming that David had put them in precarious situations for his videos), Wittek claimed that he’d almost lost an eye due to one of David’s crazy stunts.


In particular, Dobrik and crew had attached a rope to an excavator in the middle of a lake, from which they swung a few of their buddies, including Wittek.

During the stunt, David began swinging the excavator around quite fast, resulting in Wittek’s eye becoming injured — so much so that a doctor claimed the situation “would have cut your eye right in half” had the wound been any higher.

After the fallout between Wittek and Dobrik — during which Wittek claimed he would not press charges — the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event took place, effectively giving every influencer in Los Angeles the boxing bug.


It seems that David Dobrik has also caught this fighting fever, as evidenced by an interview he gave shortly after his YouTube return. In the interview, Dobrik was asked who he would call out for a potential fight — and his choice was none other than Wittek.

(Topic starts at 1:20)

“This is a lot of pressure, because I know if I say it, I have to go through with it,” Dobrik joked before someone shouted out Jeff’s name. “Jeff Wittek, I’ll see you in the ring!” he laughed.

It seems Wittek was more than happy to accept Dobrik’s request (joking or not), writing in his own video, “100k likes and I’ll smash David’s skull.”


(Topic begins at 7:50)

While things appear to have smoothened out between these two YouTubers, fans are certainly keen to see them face off considering their history, making for yet another highly-anticipated match amidst SteveWillDoIt vs Vitaly and even RiceGum vs iDubbz being discussed as potential bouts.