Mads Lewis, Cynthia Parker & other women on TikTok want a boxing match

Women on TikTok want to boxInstagram: Cynthia Parker, Azra Mian, Mads Lewis

Some of TikTok’s top female content creators are vying for a boxing match of their own, following the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event this past weekend.

YouTubers vs TikTokers pitted fourteen of the two platforms’ biggest personalities against each other for a massive boxing card that took the internet by storm.

The Battle of the Platforms wasn’t the first event of its kind, though; it followed the highly-anticipated bout between Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul, and before that, Jake Paul vs Ben Askren.

With the buzz surrounding influencer boxing at an all-time high, it seems that more than a few female influencers are also looking to get in on the action — and several of TikTok’s biggest personalities are itching to get in the ring.

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The past few days, several high-profile women on TikTok have uploaded videos expressing their desire to touch gloves, including the likes of Cynthia Parker, Mads Lewis, Azra Mian, SJ Bleau and more.

A widely-circulated Instagram post compiling the most popular videos from these TikTokers has accrued a few comments from other popular women on the platform, with names like Brooklynnexo and therealtati also appearing to vie for a spot.


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They aren’t the only women influencers who are ready to throw down in the ring, though; Tana Mongeau notably challenged her ex-girlfriend, Bella Thorne, to a match, which later appeared to be accepted by none other than Corinna Kopf.

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Whether or not an all-female boxing event will actually happen is still up in the air, but there’s no denying that there’s certainly interest for it abounding on social media.

Which female influencers would you want to see throw down in the ring?