Jeff Wittek confirms he won’t sue David Dobrik after life-threatening accident

David Dobrik and Jeff Wittek next to each otherYouTube: Jeff Wittek / David Dobrik

After a Vlog Squad excavator accident nearly cost him his life, Jeff Wittek has revealed that he has no plans to sue David Dobrik, who was operating the vehicle at the time of the incident.

The internet was shocked when on April 22, Jeff uploaded the second part of a YouTube documentary showing the aftermath of his accident. In the episode, he revealed footage of the accident itself, which was a result of him being swung around at high speeds from an excavator operated by David Dobrik.

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Doctors explained that if his injury had happened few inches over he could have died. The documentary shows several key stages in Jeff’s recovery both physically and mentally, and follows him as he goes through different surgeries on his eye.

Many viewers became angry at David, calling the YouTuber “irresponsible” for risking his friend’s life for the crazy stunt.

Jeff Wittek next to David DobrikYouTube: Jeff Wittek / VIEWS
Jeff was left badly injured after the accident.

But in a live stream via Patreon, Jeff confirmed that he has no intention of suing David over the accident.

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“Dr. Amen was like, he brought up a lawsuit, and I was like ‘no, that never crossed my mind,'” he said. “What we were doing was dumb, and I’m dumb for putting my life in David’s hands, and what David did was dumb. But just the way I was raised, you know, maybe it’s a good thing or it’s a bad thing that I’m loyal.”

He continued: “It affected my work, it affected my brain, but I’m just not that type of guy. When Dr. Amen heard what I said about that, he was like ‘if you sue people you mentally stay hurt.’ And that was good advice.”

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Going into his personal experiences with losing and gaining money in the past, Jeff explained that he has no interest in trying to get any money from a lawsuit. “I’ve been in every position, and I can genuinely say that money is not going to make you happy,” he said. “If I sue David for a few million dollars and I win, then I’ve sued my friend, now our f**king relationship’s f**ked, and I have to know that I got this money from being hurt.”

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“I’d feel like an idiot, I’d feel like sh*t. I’d feel bad for the rest of my life. So I’d rather take this and spin it into a positive thing where I can help people that were also hurt by a friend in an accident or a family member in an accident. To me, that means so much more than just getting a check.”

Jeff wrapped up his documentary by releasing the final episode on May 15, with the series receiving a lot of praise from fans and viewers.

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