Jeff Wittek accuses David Dobrik of planning to “frame” him immediately after accident

. 4 months ago
Jeff Wittek next to David Dobrik
Instagram: jeff / YouTube: VIEWS

Jeff Wittek has claimed that David Dobrik was collecting evidence to “frame him” while Jeff was in surgery, shortly after the excavator accident that seriously injured him.

In 2020, YouTuber Jeff Wittek nearly lost his eye when he was injured as part of a Vlog Squad stunt, where he was swung around from an excavator that David Dobrik was operating. Wittek has had a number of surgeries since then as part of a lengthy recovery process.

While the pair appeared to be on good terms at first, in February 2022 Wittek labeled Dobrik a “scumbag” and said he was done being “fake friends” with him.

Jeff Wittek eye injury hospital
Instagram: jeffwittek
Podcast host Jeff Wittek suffered a severe eye injury after a stunt with the Vlog Squad went wrong.

He also revealed that Dobrik was taking part in a documentary, and that the producer had shown him clips of the YouTuber speaking about the incident. “He said that it was my fault. David blamed me. He insinuated that I was crazy, that I wanted to push it and I’m the reason that this happened when that’s complete bulls**t,” he said.

Dobrik went on to address the latest drama in an episode of VIEWS, in which he claimed, “that day is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me.” He also showed a screen recording of an Instagram DM he received shortly before the accident, in which Wittek sent him a video of a similar stunt and said “let’s recreate this.”

jeff wittek message Instagram DM excavator
YouTube: VIEWS
David Dobrik shared a screen recording of Instagram messages from Wittek appearing to suggest the excavator stunt to him.

Jeff Wittek responds to screen recording

On March 10, Wittek posted a tweet responding to Dobrik’s use of screenshots in his VIEWS video.

“This is disturbing,” he wrote. “David‘s own video proves two hours after the accident while I was being operated on and he was the only one allowed in the hospital, he was screen recording stuff to frame me. While others stayed outside and prayed. He was wiping his fingerprints off the gun.”

He also linked to a Reddit post pointing out that in Dobrik’s screen recording, the time stamp was “2 hours ago.”

Ethan Klein also responded, agreeing with Wittek’s assessment of the comments.

The situation has divided fans, with some commenters arguing that the two creators should “keep this stuff off social media.”

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