MrBeast teases next viral project that will be “bigger than Squid Game”

MrBeast teases project bigger than squid game videoYouTube: MrBeast

YouTube star Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson is still flying on the success of his viral ‘Squid Game’ recreation — but he’s got another idea up his sleeve that could be even bigger.

When it comes to making YouTube videos, it’s safe to say that MrBeast is owning the game.

The influencer has made waves across the internet with his viral, high stakes challenges and impressive charity work, starting up his very own food bank and even raising millions of dollars to clean the world’s oceans.

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However, his most recent product to take over the world wide web was his jaw-dropping recreation of Netflix’s Squid Game, which broke YouTube records and garnered over 42 million views in a single day.

An image of YouTube MrBeast in his Squid Game video.YouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast’s Squid Game recreation became his most viewed video, with over 176 million views.

The video was even praised by Squid Game’s creator, Hwang Dong-hyuk, and has effectively set the bar exceedingly high for every other influencer out there… but this is apparently far from MrBeast’s magnum opus.

MrBeast hints at video that could topple viral Squid Game recreation

In an interview with fellow YouTuber Marques Brownlee, MrBeast revealed he’s got even bigger ambitions for the future, claiming he has a passion project he’d like to make that would topple his Squid Game video.

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“I want to take everything I learned from Squid Game and apply it to this other idea, but if I told you, I legit would have to kill you,” Donaldson joked.

MrBeast tug of war squid gameYouTube: MrBeast
MrBeast’s sets for his Squid Game reenactment were nothing short of jaw-dropping – although they were decidedly less deadly than the show.

Luckily, he eventually let Brownlee in on his grand scheme — but the entire conversation was completely bleeped out, leaving fans completely unaware of what this YouTuber will unleash next.

Despite this, the creators hinted that it would be an “instant viral hit” and “bigger than Squid Game,” although the production timeline could be a long one, as MrBeast stated he’d have to film the project over the course of six months or more.

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(Topic begins at 10:37)

There’s very little else to go on outside of this short, highly censored conversation… but that isn’t stopping fans from getting excited and wondering what in the world could MrBeast’s dream project actually be.

MrBeast hints at major upcoming project again on Twitter

MrBeast has once again brought up this mysterious video three months later, claiming that it will be “bigger” than his record-breaking Squid Game adaptation.

That’s not all; MrBeast even gave fans a potential date when they can expect the video to drop, asking them to give him a “few months” to make “what will probably be our best video ever.”

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For now, all fans can do is watch and wait as the YouTuber continues to smash major goalposts like being invited on the Joe Rogan podcast.

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