Casey Neistat is making a documentary about David Dobrik’s drama

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YouTube: David Dobrik

Vlogging star Casey Neistat has announced that he will be showcasing a documentary he produced about fellow YouTuber David Dobrik at SXSW in March 2022.

Casey Neistat is one of YouTube’s OG vloggers. Boasting over 12.4 million subscribers, he’s best known for his daily vlogs in New York City, but has since moved to Los Angeles to focus on his family.

It’s not surprising that Neistat and Dobrik are friends, as they were both pioneers in the vlogging space back in the day.

Casey Neistat announces film centered around David Dobrik

Recent allegations against Dobrik relating to the Vlog Squad have made the 25-year-old a hot topic on the internet’s tea pages – so much so, that Neistat has even made a documentary about it.


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It was announced that Neistat’s film, titled ‘Under the Influence,’ will premiere at the festival on March 12, with Neistat expected to make a guest appearance, according to the SXSW’s schedule,

The hour and forty-minute doc aims to “capture one of the most precipitous rise-and-falls in the history of the internet… in real-time.”

As stated in the film’s description, it covers topics including the allegations surrounding the Vlog Squad, as well as the near-death accident in which Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek incurred serious eye damage while dangling off of an excavator in the middle of a lake.

“In the real world, these kinds of actions have life-changing consequences, but in the gold rush ecosystem of social media influence, the audience decides who succeeds, and who gets banished forever,” the doc’s description says.

It seems that the project managed to be kept under wraps for quite some time, as it’s thought that the production started several years ago, with Neistat and Dobrik having been spotted in Slovakia back in 2019, according to Refresher.

While Neistat and Dobrik have managed to keep a stable relationship, former vlog squad member Jeff Wittek has recently called out the vlogger for being a “fake friend.”

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