James Charles turns off comments on viral TikTok after lockdown backlash

. 2 years ago
James Charles turn off comments TikTok
James Charles

James Charles turned off comments on a viral TikTok video of him dancing with his friends in front of a house in Christmas outfits after fans claimed it was inappropriate given the current lockdown in Los Angeles.

James Charles is no stranger to controversy and criticism. He’s been caught up in everything from dishing out nasty rants on social media to allegedly ripping off Ethan Klein’s H3H3 merchandise.

However, he’s copped a lot of hate, too, even in circumstances where it wasn’t warranted at all. Still, it hasn’t stopped him from snowballing his success even further and becoming one of the most popular influencers.

James Charles turn off comments TikTok
James Charles
James Charles has put his controversial past behind him.

Unfortunately, James Charles has found himself in hot water once again. It revolves around his latest viral video, which shows him dancing outside a house with Larray and Charli D’Amelio while wearing Christmas outfits. He released a similar one with Dixie D’Amelio too.

Some fans think the videos are inappropriate given the current lockdown situation in Los Angeles. Others argue there’s nothing wrong with it since it’s happening on their property and claim it was filmed several weeks ago.

Either way, James Charles ultimately decided to disable the comments on the video. He hasn’t made an official statement, but it’s fair to assume he probably wanted to stop the bickering between fans from spreading.

The controversy has seen the videos generate more than 70 million views and around 20 million likes. So, the discussion between impassioned fans on either side of the issue was growing like a wildfire.

In the end, though, there are valid points on both sides. But while it’s important to discuss them, it’s also important to keep things civil.

James Charles and other influencers will inevitably be subject to criticism, and that’s okay. Just don’t forget that they’re people too.

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