Tommy Fury’s insane jab power leaves fans concerned for Jake Paul ahead of fight

Tommy Fury in black jacket talking to cameraKick Game

Fans are anxious for Jake Paul as Tommy Fury’s jab power looks to be on another level, leaving fans concerned for the YouTube star.

Set to be one of the most anticipated influencer-boxing matches yet, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have tried to touch gloves on numerous occasions in the past.

The pair were originally set to step in the ring back in late 2021, however, Fury suffered from an injury — canceling the fight.

Another bout was then scheduled for August 2022, but once more Tommy and his team were forced to back out as his camp were denied entry into the United States.

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Now, the two are finally coming to blows on February 26. However, fans are now concerned for the YouTube star, as Fury looks to be on another level.

Tommy Fury’s jab has fans worried for Jake Paul

In a recent Kick Game episode, Fury left fans shocked after he was asked put his strength to the test on an arcade boxing machine.

However, Fury didn’t want to make it too easy and instead hit the bag with Jake Paul’s face on with just a jab.

“You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to use my jab because I don’t want to scare [Jake Paul] off too much,” Fury said.

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“I have a feeling if I use my right hand he might not show up,” he joked.

Impressively, the Love Island star scored 841 with just a jab, leaving fans concerned for Jake Paul.

“Tommy has grown on me recently. He’s gonna beat jake I feel it,” one fan wrote. “Jake messed up big time,” said another

However, some fans were skeptical, with many claiming the machines don’t give the most accurate results. “I’m on fury’s side but those machines never give accurate results,” one noted.