Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley face off: “You’re about to get beat up by a Disney kid”

Jake Paul YouTube

Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley came face-to-face ahead of their August 28 boxing match, and plenty of tension was on display to hype up the future bout.

The celebrity boxing trend has exploded to create spectacles that include some of the biggest names in boxing like Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul to whole platforms against each other like the YouTube vs TikTok event.

Jake Paul, an early and adamant adopter of the combat sport, has his next match set against former UFC champ Tyron Woodley – and the two are itching to get into the ring on August 28.

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The faceoff between the two started off slow but quickly got personal as they stacked accolades, with Jake raising the stakes in the heat of the moment.

Woodley is coming into the bout as the heavy favorite. While Jake only has three fights, and wins, under his belt, Woodley isn’t impressed with anything that the younger Paul brother has done in the ring.

“You don’t know about them boxing gloves,” Jake belted, hinting that it could be an even affair with MMA star Woodley having to lace-up his hands.

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“What do you know about them?” Woodley retorted. “You fought three times in your life, I’ve been fighting since I was [young.]”

Jake was confident in his abilities, however. Woodley pointed out the YouTuber’s Gucci x Disney bag, taking shots at his on-camera come-up.

jake paul tyron woodley Jake Paul Twitter
Paul and Woodley are set to fight on August 28.

Granted, Woodley has the more impressive wins to his name from his MMA career, but that didn’t deter Jake’s endless supply of confidence.

“You’re about to get beat up by a Disney kid,” Paul said. “It’s gonna be pretty embarrassing for you.”

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Woodley joked that he wants Showtime to add a “No bitch out” clause for Jake, hinting that the 24-year-old boxing upstart would back out. Meanwhile Jake raised the stakes: he told Woodley if he wins Jake will double his purse, but if he loses, he has to donate his purse to the charity of Jake’s choice.

The two instead settled on simply exchanging insults shortly after. Needless to say, both fighters are raring to go ahead of their August 28 match.

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