Jake Paul trolls Tommy Fury by claiming he’s going to fight other opponents

Showtime Boxing/Tommy Fury

Jake Paul has trolled Tommy Fury, claiming the undefeated fighter “doesn’t cut it” for his next fight, and that he’d rather face off against a slate of other stars lining up to meet him in the ring.

A potential bout between Tommy Fury and Jake Paul was reported back on October 20.

While neither camp has actually confirmed it’s happening, that hasn’t stopped Paul from throwing shade already. On October 24 the younger Paul brother claimed that Fury, who has a 7-0 undefeated record, wouldn’t “cut it” for his next fight.

Not only that, he went on to name two opponents that, according to Paul’s hashtag, would be a serious downgrade in status.

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Tommy Fury Jake PaulAmanda Westcott for Showtime
Jake Paul and Tommy Fury have been linked since their clash at the Paul vs Woodley PPV event.

Jake Paul trolls Tommy Fury

“7-0 Fury doesn’t cut it for my 5th fight,” Paul tweeted. “I’m fighting either Hector Lopez or Javier Martinez next!!”

If you haven’t heard of Hector Lopez or Javier Martinez, that’s alright. All you need to know is that neither have very stellar records in the ring when compared to Fury. Paul said, “Hector was “Tanks” 8th opponent, came in 0-0 and retired 0-1. Hector was an MMAer who was 2-0,” Jake explained. “Javier was Canelo’s 10th opponent, entered the fight 0-0 and retired at 0-1.”

Paul saying he’d rather fight two much less accomplished fighters is an obvious dig at Fury, and on par with the smack talk we’ve seen from the social media star turned boxer before.

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Will Jake Paul fight Tommy Fury?

For now, whether or not Fury and Paul will face off in the ring remains to be seen. Officially, neither fighter has revealed it’s actually happening, but some people in the fighting community are already acting like it’s a sure thing.

If a fight is confirmed between the two though, you can bet this will only be the start of the trash-talking from Jake Paul leading up to the match.