Jake Paul slams KSI vs Swarmz boxing match with “easy” fight prediction

Virginia Glaze
Jake Paul predicts easy victory for KSI vs Swarmz boxing match

Jake Paul isn’t holding anything back when it comes to KSI’s upcoming boxing match against Swarmz, calling the fight “dogs**t” and predicting an easy win for his British rival.

YouTuber, rapper, and budding boxer KSI is set to take on fellow rapper Swarmz on August 26 — a fight that’s just one day away at the time of writing.

Although the bout has undergone some ups and downs (with Alex Wassabi pulling out due to an injury and KSI’s second opponent getting dropped for having racist tattoos), everything is a-go, with the Brit debuting influencer-boxing’s first-ever double fight against Swarmz and Pineda on the same night.

Jake Paul predicts “easy” victory for KSI in Swarmz boxing match

Jake Paul, however, isn’t exactly impressed with the ordeal. During an episode of his sports podcast with ‘betr,’ Paul slammed KSI’s upcoming fight against Swarmz and predicted a swift victory for his fellow YouTuber in a single round.

“Swarmz doesn’t know how to box,” Paul commented. “He’s never been in the ring. It’s gonna be an easy fight for KSI. It should be a one-round fight. I think KSI wins.”

“Probably TKO. I don’t know. It’s just gonna look like some dogs**t, honestly,” he continued.

This isn’t the first time he’s slammed KSI’s August 26 bout, either; when KSI revealed he’d be taking two fights in one night, Paul notably compared the event to George Foreman’s famed five-man fight in 1975.

“George Foreman fought four people in one night and it was an awful showing,” Jake wrote, calling the bout a “stunt” that wasn’t “worth the price of admission.”

KSI, however, seems to feel confident in his boxing abilities, tweeting that he’s going to “shock the world” on August 26.

For now, it’s unclear how the Brit will hold up under a two-fight event… but it’s clear that Jake Paul doesn’t have much confidence in his rival, who he agreed to fight in 2023 if the stars align.