Jake Paul slams Dana White for saying he would “never” fight Anderson Silva

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jake paul slams dana white over anderson silva bout comments

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is hitting out at UFC President Dana White for previously claiming he would “never” take a fight with Anderson Silva — a bout that’s coming to fruition in mere weeks.

Jake Paul is set to take on his biggest opponent yet on October 29: Brazilian MMA legend Anderson Silva.

After issues with two different opponents for his failed August 6 bout, Paul has scored a bigger and better fight than his previous rivals in Tommy Fury and Hasim Rahman Jr., but not everyone was convinced it would actually happen.

Although Silva had expressed interest in taking on the Paul bros in the past, and vice versa, UFC prez Dana White was simply not willing to entertain the idea of such a fight actually taking place.

Jake Paul slams naysayers over Anderson Silva boxing match

Jake Paul uploaded a video showcasing White’s previous comments on the then-potential bout in a September 6 tweet, where he lashed out at the combat sports businessman for his past remarks.

“Anderson Silva might actually be the GOAT of combat sports,” Dana White said of the fighter. “To still compete, it’ll be interesting to see what he does next.”

“I f**kin’ guarantee you this: You ain’t gonna see Jake Paul calling Anderson Silva out. That I f**king promise you. He’s his size, and he’s actually good. …Hey Jake, Anderson’s out. Jake? Jake?”

“Dana? Dana? Dana? Guess who!” the YouTuber shot back. “Now, I normally don’t agree with Dana White, but he is right. Anderson Silva is literally the greatest MMA fighter of all time, and one of the most versatile fighters in the history of combat sports.”


“For me, this fight was supposed to be after Tommy Fury, because I’ve never fought a Southpaw, and this is a much tougher fight. Every fight critic said that I wouldn’t take this fight, and if I did, I would lose to Silva. But it’s time to dive into the deep end, put it all on the line, and give the people what they want.”

Paul continued his comments in a second video, where he remained confident that he’d be the victor of their upcoming bout… a fight that comes right in the middle of talks with KSI for a match sometime next year.

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