Dana White wants “ridiculous” Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight called off

Dylan Horetski
Dana White looking into the camera

UFC CEO Dana White visited Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant Podcast and shared his thoughts about the “ridiculous” Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight happening on Netflix.

Although the fight has been postponed, Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul is still set to premiere on Netflix with the new date being revealed on June 7, 2024.

Many have shared their thoughts about the upcoming fight, and the UFC’s very own Dana White has chimed in during a visit to Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast.

During the episode, Schulz asked Dana his thoughts about the bout and the UFC President was quick to call it “ridiculous.”

“When this fight happens Tyson will be 58 f**kin years old. Under any circumstances an almost 60-year-old man shouldn’t be fighting a 27-year-old guy under any circumstances… it’s just f**kin ridiculous,” he said.

White went on to explain that he’s against the fight because he’s worried about Tyson’s health at nearly 60 years old. “Jake Paul’s 27, he’s in his f**kin prime… and I love Mike. No one wants to see Mike get beat by this f**kin j**koff,” Dana said.

(Topic starts at 58:36)

This isn’t the first time that Dana White has chimed in on the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight, either. Back in March, White explained that the fight wasn’t “serious” due to the age gap.

However, fighting someone as legendary as Mike Tyson has its obvious perks. He said: “He doesn’t [want to be taken seriously]. What Jake wants is Jake wants to make money. The people that follow Jake Paul don’t buy Jake Paul’s fights so Jake Paul has to fight people who can actually sell pay-per-views.”

After the Paul vs Tyson fight was postponed due to the legendary boxer’s health issues, more than a handful of others reached out attempting to take Tyson’s spot. This includes former Tyson opponent Roy Jones Jr, who said he will make sure to be in shape for a fight should the opportunity arise.