Jake Paul reveals he wants to have a baby with Julia Rose

Kawter Abed
Jake Paul and Julia Rose

Jake Paul recently revealed that he wants to have a baby with his girlfriend Julia Rose, but it probably won’t happen anytime soon.

During his online show ‘BS with Jake Paul,’ Jake broke the news that he and his girlfriend are planning on having a child.

Jake first introduced Julia to his fans in a March 2020 vlog, revealing that they met on the set of a music video and “fell in love.”

The couple have been together for a few years now, but have often made headlines for their on-off-style relationship.

They had previously unfollowed each other and seen other people, and fans speculated that they had broken up earlier this year, after Jake hinted that he was single in a tweet that he later deleted.

However, they confirmed they were back together in April 2022, and Jake denied ever breaking up at all, telling The Mirror: “We were never ‘not together.'”

Jake Paul reveals he’s planning to have a baby with Julia Rose

While conversing with UFC fighter Sean O’Malley on ‘BS with Jake Paul,’ he revealed: “Julia and I are actually having conversations on like, when to get pregnant.”

He continued: “She’s my support system as well. Like emotional support and all that someone I can lean on and you know we’re wanting to start a family, but I think behind every great man there’s a great woman and behind every great woman is a great man.”

Sean commented on the potential of Jake being a father on his own podcast ‘TimboSugarShow,’ admitting that while he may be too young to be a parent, his wealth would definitely help.

He said: “I think Jake’s what 25-26. Usually, I would say I don’t know that’s pretty young, but when you’re financially fine and have that much freedom is different.”

The UFC star added: “Usually, I wouldn’t recommend someone 25 to start a family but it’s different in your position when you have financial freedom. You have freedom to do what you want and when pursuing a fighting career a boxing career it almost makes it easier to have a kid it keeps you grounded keeps you humble.”

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