Did Jake Paul & Julia Rose break up? Cryptic tweet sparks rumors

Jake Paul Julia Rose breakup rumorsYouTube: Jake Paul

Fans are speculating that a breakup may have occurred between YouTube boxer Jake Paul and girlfriend Julia Rose after the ‘Problem Child’ posted and deleted a mysterious tweet.

Jake Paul is one of the busiest YouTubers in the business — if he can even be called a true ‘YouTuber’ these days.

The former Team 10 founder has now jumped full-time into the world of boxing, racking up an undefeated 5-0 record with more bouts on the horizon.

During his foray into combat sports, he sparked a relationship with model Julia Rose, which first went public in early 2020 after she supported him in his then-upcoming bout against YouTuber AnEsonGib.

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Jake Paul and Julia RoseAmanda Westcott, SHOWTIME
Julia Rose notably joined boyfriend Jake Paul for a smooch after his victory over Tyron Woodley late last year.

Mysterious Jake Paul tweet sparks Julia Rose breakup rumors

The two have posted photos with each other on Instagram throughout the last two years, and even sparked rumors of an engagement in January — but a recent (and now-deleted) tweet from Paul has some fans thinking the pair may have broken things off.

On February 24, 2022, Paul wrote on Twitter: “Alexa, play ‘I’m Single’ by Jake Paul.”

Jake Paul Julia Rose deleted tweetTwitter: Jake Paul
Jake Paul quickly deleted this cryptic tweet that has some fans thinking he may have broken up with girlfriend Julia Rose.

The post references Jake Paul’s song ‘I’m Single,’ which first debuted in March 2019 after his notable breakup with Tana Mongeau.

That’s not all; it also looks like Paul unfollowed Julia over on Instagram, added further fuel to the fire.

Outside of these instances, neither Jake nor Julia have offered any other comment on the situation, with Julia’s Instagram handle still reading ‘Julia Rose Paul’ at the time of writing (not to mention her latest pics with Jake on the ocean).

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These breakup rumors come as a surprise to fans, who were under the impression the couple were working on an engagement — a rumor further substantiated by Paul’s mother wishing Julia a “happy birthday to my future daughter-in-law” on social media.

As with all relationship rumors, nothing is confirmed until either party speaks out, but for now, it seems as though Paul is focusing on securing a match with Conor McGregor as he continues to duke it out with the UFC’s Dana White over fighter pay.