Mike Perry hits back at Jake Paul’s offer for boxing rematch before they’ve even fought

Connor Bennett
jake paul next to mike perry before their boxing match

Jake Paul is already open to a rematch with ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry ahead of their match-up, but he doesn’t want to do it in the boxing ring. So, the ex-UFC star has an idea.

When Jake Paul’s highly-anticipated summer fight with Mike Tyson had to be rescheduled, the YouTuber-turned-boxer had to call upon a backup fighter to take ‘Iron’ Mike’s place. That led him to former UFC star Mike Perry, who has a boxing background. 

The two fighters will meet in the ring on July 20, but the ‘Problem Child’ already looking past that. He’s rescheduled that fight with Tyson for the end of the year, and he’s open to a rematch with Perry. 

However, Jake wouldn’t want to run it back in the boxing ring – he wants Perry to be his first opponent in MMA. And, the former UFC star is open to doing it, with a twist too. 

“I’m down, like. When I beat Mike Perry in boxing, f*ck it, we can run it in MMA,” the YouTuber told DAZN Boxing. “I want an MMA fight. I mean, the Smart Cage is literally right there and I think, once I start MMA, my wrestling background is going to come out.

“I think I’ll be a very dangerous, dangerous MMA fighter as well. So, Mike Perry can get it.”

The former UFC star called those claims “cap” and questioned if Jake would be done to do a bare-knuckle fight instead. 

“Why not bare knuckle? I’ll take Jake’s back. Wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu, that’s not something you just keep in your back pocket,” he said. 

Jake has been keen to get an opponent penciled in for his PFL debut and had been expected to fight at the end of the year. That has been shifted though because of his focus on boxing. So, we’re still in a waiting period to see him inside the cage.