KSI claims he would “destroy” Tommy Fury and Jake Paul in the ring

KSI sat on boxing ring in black tanktopYouTube: LADbible TV

KSI has offered up his thoughts on the recent fight between Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury, with the content creator slamming both fighters for their performance as well as continuing the spark the flames of his a future match up between Jake Paul.

The hotly anticipated showdown between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury has finally come to an end, with Fury beating out the Paul brother in a close bout. Following the match, KSI has hit out against both in-ring competitors, giving his thoughts on their performance and weighing on on whether or not be things he would be about to go toe-to-toe with both.

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During the fight, KSI was offering up running commentary on Twitter, with the content creator claiming that Jake Paul was stealing his moves. “Jake Paul tryna copy my bounce lmao. Funny thing is, he has no idea what he’s doing with it.”

KSI then added that he believes he would “would destroy both Jake Paul and Tommy Fury” in a fight.

However, the real shots by KSI were fired after Jake was confirmed to have lost the match. In a series of video updates posted on Twitter, KSI didn’t bother hiding his enjoyment and glee at the lackluster match and at the outcome.

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KSI calls out Jake Paul in post-match trash talk

“Hey yo, don’t mind me just smoking on that Jake Paul pack. Honestly Jake Paul trash, Tommy Fury, trash.” KSI then laughing animated on the camera before the video update cuts off.

In a second video, KSI then states how “Jake, you see the problem with you man, the reason why you lost is because you weren’t drinking Prime baby.” KSI then shouting out “I stay winning b**ch” multiple times before once again ending the video.

Given the match has just come to a close, KSI is likely to have more to say about the Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury fight. As well as this, KSI’s comments could also be furthering a future set up and fight between Jake Paul and himself. As a result, be sure to check back here as we update this piece with the latest KSI comments.

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