Jake Paul responds to Tana Mongeau & Erika Costell drama: "I got CAUGHT CHEATING”

Connor Bennett

YouTube star Jake Paul has addressed the ongoing drama surrounding accusations of ‘cheating’ on Tana Mongeau with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell, by explaining what would have been going on and addressing if there was anything to be concerned about. 

Back on July 28, Paul and Mongeau tied the knot despite skepticism from their fans and fellow creators. Ever since getting married, the pair have been under immense scrutiny – with some critics claiming it was a fake marriage and pointing out that they’ve not quite been wholly loyal to each other

Jake came under fire most recently, after allegedly being photographed with Costell – prompting Mongeau to respond via an Instagram story. However, the YouTuber has finally given his side of the story with his new vlog, which is called: “I got caught cheating on my wife.”

Jake Paul YouTubeThe outspoken Paul brother never shies away from addressing drama and beef.

After a video filled with Team 10 Antics, Jake sat down in his car to explain things. “I think this is hilarious, where do I even start with this conversation,” he stated. “I think a good jumping-off point is, and it’s what my brother talked about on Twitter,” referring to an image of somebody that looked like Jake with his ex, but nobody being certain if it was him. 

“That’s not me,” he said. “Even if you did think that, that is me, like I will admit that does look a lot like me and Erika – it does, it really does. It’s such an unfortunate misconception to say the least,” Jake added before breaking out into laughter.

KEEMSTAR, TwitterThe image alleged that Jake had met up with Erika and was cheating on Tana.

He continued on: “I understand where everyone’s coming from, everyone wants to have Tana’s back and I totally agree.” 

The popular YouTuber then broke into a hypothetical explanation surrounding the image, explaining that he would be meeting up with his ex in public for a spot of lunch after bumping into each other after a year at a birthday party, despite not speaking or having a contact number. 

“Hypothetically speaking, again, if all that were to happen does it matter?” Jake mused. “Does it matter if someone who is married were to go to lunch with their ex-girlfriend to talk about things and simmer down the negativity and to make things cordial?”

He added: “Does it matter, A? And, B, is it any of your guys’ business? I don’t know. Just putting that point out there,” before noting that when the shoe was on the other foot, and Tana met up with one of her ex’s – Bella Thorne – there wasn’t the same level of outrage.

What it all means for Jake and Tana’s future remains to be seen, but it certainly isn’t the end of the drama – not by a long shot.