Streamer breaks down in tears after she opens amazing gift from fan

Twitch streamer Snugibun was left speechless and in tears after being gifted a brand new Viola by one of her viewers.

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Twitch might be the home to incredible gaming skills from high-level players and global esports events, but it is also a place for anyone to broadcast – be it to 10 viewers or 10,000. 

The relationship between a streamer and their audience is often an incredibly strong bond, and Snugibun found out how much her fans care for her in the best way possible, when a viewer sent her a heartwarming gift that left her in tears at their genorosity, 

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Twitter: SnugibunSnugibun is a growing streamer on Twitch and can usually be found streaming a good few hours each day.

During the start of her August 22 broadcast, Snugibun received an amazon package and proceeded to open it live on camera. While the initial box didn’t offer many hints, she quickly got to another piece of packaging that seemed to give away the game.

“I think I know what this is,” she said, before confirming her suspicions by opening the triangular-shaped box. As the gift became apparent, the streamer became incredibly emotional before fully breaking into tears as she opened the case and discovered a brand-new Viola. 

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Snugibun didn’t have anything to say for a few moments, instead, opting to look back at her camera as she became more and more emotional at the incredible gift.

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Sadly for her viewers, the streamer didn’t immediately break into a performance with her new instrument, instead explaining that it needed tuning thanking the viewer for their thoughtfulness.

“Murph, thank you so much,” she said, addressing one fan in particular. “I didn’t think I’d get emotional about the viola.” Snugibun also explained why she got emotional. “It was a really hard time in my childhood and a really good time as well – I really appreciate it,” she added while holding back more tears. 

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After she had wrapped up her broadcast, the streamer even took to Twitter to inform fans who may not have seen the clip in-real time of what had happened. 

Snugibun also noted that, after going offline, she had already begun to get back into the swing of things by learning to play again through videos.

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While she may not have played it during her broadcast, Snugibun did offer a glimmer of hope to some viewers – adding that she may well play it on stream in the near future.

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When that will be exactly, fans will have to wait and see – but it should provide even more beautifully emotional moments. 

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