Experts estimate the eye-popping cost of PewDiePie and Marzia’s wedding

Virginia Glaze
PewDiePie, Instagram / Freepik

YouTube king Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg celebrated eight years of love with former YouTuber Marzia Bisognin in an “intimate” wedding in late August – but just how much did their private ceremony cost?

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While both Kjellberg and Bisognin kept their wedding under wraps for obvious reasons, the social media stars have yet to divulge how much coin they spent on the affair – but experts estimate that the pair didn’t pinch pennies.

According to reports from the Daily Mail, PewDiePie and Marzia’s wedding cost an estimated £121,500 – or $148,860.46, for those across the pond.

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PewDiePie, Instagram
PewDiePie and Marzia tied the knot after exactly eight years together.

The UK-based couple said their vows at Kew Gardens’ Nash Conservatory and Temperate House, which boasts a hefty fee of £21,000 ($25,728.97) for those hoping to rent out the space – an allegedly reduced price, since the wedding took place on a Monday).

That’s not all: the couple likewise dropped £900 ($1,102.42) on a photobooth through company Photobot, providing attendees with unforgettable snapshots of the wedding.

David Hagwood, Wikimedia Commons
The Kew Gardens is an esteemed botanic garden in southwest London, boasting a hefty price point for weddings.
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Hospitality at the Conservatory doesn’t come cheap, either, with their wedding breakfast costing about £75 per person – leading to an overall cost of £3,000 ($3,675.23).

Lighting, PA systems, and other such vendor equipment for weddings at the Conservatory runs at £2,500 ($3,064.56), with experts estimating the couple spent £6,000 on production alone.

PewDiePie, Instagram
Although initially tight-lipped about their wedding, the couple is now sharing photos of their special day to Instagram for fans.
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Of course, we can’t forget Marzia’s wedding gown, with costs of designer Joan Fleming starting at £2,000 minimum – leading to an estimated £5,000 spent on the dress.

With PewDiePie’s own tux running an estimated £5,600, and with other costs not listed, experts felt that an amount in the ballpark of $100,000 wasn’t out of the question: and with the couple remaining tight-lipped as to the actual cost of their union, it’s the closest number fans can figure for the YouTubers’ special day.

PewDiePie, Instagram
PewDiePie claimed that both he and Marzia were “nervous” for their first dance as a couple – but things went off without a hitch.
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Additionally, PewDiePie and Marzia are estimated to be worth £27 million together, so their wedding budget isn’t likely to have set them back very far – but it did make for a beautiful day that touched the hearts of fans across the globe.