Jake Paul makes bold prediction about his fight against Tyron Woodley

Jake Paul promises win against Tyron WoodleyTriller Fight Club

YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul is taking on his biggest challenge yet in his upcoming fight against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley, and made quite the bold prediction about how the bout will go.

Still fresh off his victory against Ben Askren, Jake will be taking on Woodley on August 28 in what the YouTuber believes will be his toughest match so far – and one that will either make or break his career.

In an interview with Brendan Schaub, Jake Paul explained how Tyron Woodley meets the criteria to pose a significant threat to his undefeated record.

“He came out of the UFC, five-time champ, and he has knockout power,” Jake said. “I’m going into this fight like ‘this is a make or break fight.’ This is the biggest test I’ve had and he’s legit.”

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That said, it’s Tyron’s reputation that Jake feels is key to solidifying himself as a true competitor in his own right and making himself more than just a Disney star.

“I’m going to show people I’m a boxer and I can take a punch. I can dish a punch. People haven’t even seen my skills or my ability in what I can do,” he added.

According to Jake, despite the fact that Tyron Woodley has been boxing for a much longer time than he has, he’s still predicting himself to win as early as round two.

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Jake Paul knocks Ben AskrenTriller Fight Club
Jake Paul destroyed former MMA fighter Ben Askren in their bout.

“I will take him out in two rounds,” Jake confidently said. “And people are going to come back and watch this interview and be like ‘goddamn, this f**king a**hole who dresses like a douche bag and wears jewelry and takes peoples’ hats has predicted every single fight.’”

If Jake can in fact score a second round KO against Woodley, it would certainly be a black eye on the mixed martial artist’s career, but it could also open up a lot of new doors for Jake and new potential opponents.

We’ll have to see what happens when the two step into the ring on August 28.

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