Mike Tyson open to fighting Jake Paul but thinks he’s too “crazy” to stay out of trouble

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson side-by-sideInstagram: Jake Paul/YouTube: Mike Tyson

‘Iron’ Mike Tyson is down to fight Jake Paul inside the boxing ring, however, he’s concerned that the YouTube star would land himself in trouble before the two could touch gloves. 

When Mike Tyson returned to boxing in 2020 to take on Roy Jones Jr, many fans and pundits quickly started suggesting other fights that the former Heavyweight champion could take on.

A few zeroed in on the idea of Tyson taking on either Jake or Logan Paul, seeing as the 55-year-old has been quite complimentary of the brothers and their boxing skills. While he wasn’t completely up for it at first, things have changed over time.

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After rumors swirled that he and Jake were negotiating a deal to fight, ‘Iron’ Mike claimed that was news to him, but that he’d be down for a certain price. Though, he does have a few concerns that the social media star wouldn’t even make it to fight day if they were to square off.

Jake Paul Mike TysonInstagram: Jake Paul
Mike Tyson and Jake Paul have grown quite close.

During the April 20 episode of Tyson’s Hotboxin‘ podcast, Joe Rogan brought up the topic of Mike and Jake squaring off in the ring as he praised the social media star as a “genius” for calling out Tyson.

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The boxing legend quickly responded that he’d take the fight, given the attention that Jake brings, and the possibility that they could break Floyd Mayweather’s pay-per-view sales record. Though, Tyson harbors concerns about Jake’s behavior.

“You know what I worry about? I worry about him getting in trouble before the fight happens,” Tyson said. “I’d tell him ‘Hey man, you’re going to go to jail for real, chill out’. You can be wild without going to jail. This dude is crazy, he would be throwing stuff at people, bottles, and stuff.”

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The 55-year-old noted it would ultimately be “cool” to fight Jake, given that the pair are friends and they’ve been respectful of each other previously.

While Tyson has concerns for Jake, the social media star has credited boxing for keeping him on the right path as he has also worried about potentially ending up behind bars.