Jake Paul confident he’d beat brother Logan Paul in possible boxing match

Jake Paul confident he could beat logan paul in boxing matchYouTube: Piers Morgan Uncensored

YouTube-boxer Jake Paul told Piers Morgan he’d win if he ever fought against his big brother Logan Paul — but he’s not confident the matchup will ever happen.

Jake Paul is gearing up to fight longtime rival Tommy Fury this Sunday, February 26.

As such, he’s been making the rounds with the media, giving hints as to his next opponent once he’s done with Fury in Dubai and his now-definite future in MMA after signing to the Professional Fighters League.

However, one question has always come up throughout his boxing career — will he ever fight his big brother Logan Paul?

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Jake Paul says he’d win in possible fight with Logan Paul

The two have admitted they once had a fierce rivalry, although this competition seems to have cooled in the last few years as both brothers are now quite close.

British broadcaster Piers Morgan brought up the topic on his Piers Morgan Uncensored TV show, where Jake made no bones about how he thinks their hypothetical bout would resolve… although he did seem a bit uncertain that such a fight would ever happen, in the first place.

“I don’t know if it will ever happen, man,” he admitted with a laugh. “We can fantasize about it. Who knows? I think it could be really interesting.”

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“Who would win?” Piers asked.

“I would win,” Jake immediately answered, clearly confident in his ability over his big bro. “He’s okay with being the older brother who loses. I would do the fight, but I just don’t know if he’s gonna be okay with that.”

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It’s clear that, out of the two brothers, Jake’s record is the superior; thus far, ‘The Problem Child’ boasts a 7-0 record, winning every fight he’s taken so far. On the other side, Logan currently boasts a 0-1 record, having lost against KSI (without counting his exhibition with Floyd, which had no winner).

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This is far from the first time Jake has teased a fight against his older brother, either. In fact, he claimed that they were about to throw down in 2022, but it doesn’t seem like this matchup will be taking place anytime soon.