Jake Paul claims Logan Paul fight is finally about to happen

Connor Bennett
Jake and Logan Paul inside boxing ring posing together

Jake Paul has suggested that he and his brother Logan could finally be set to face off in the boxing ring and it is “about’ to happen.

Ever since Jake and Logan Paul got involved with boxing, there have always been rumors about them potentially squaring off inside the ring at some point or potentially inside the Octagon for an MMA bout.

They’ve always joked that the possibility of a fight stems back to their YouTube beef days, but that their dad wouldn’t let them fight anyway – even though the internet might want to see it happen.

While Jake has gone from strength to strength in boxing, picking up a 5-0 record, Logan has had some time away from the ring after his exhibition with Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. He’s planning a return in January though, and after that, the brothers could be planning to square off.

Jake Paul still wants to fight Logan Paul

It was a topic that was brought up during episode 8 of the BS with Jake Paul show, as the ‘Problem Child’ touched on potentially fighting his brother at long last.

“Bro, I’m about to fight Logan. Yeah, I think we wanna do that,” Jake told his co-hosts and Tyron Woodley after being asked if he could fight a friend in a championship scenario.

“I think we want to do that, I think we should do that. But just because no one’s ever done it… I think it’s a sport. It is a sport.”

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The YouTuber-turned-boxer didn’t offer up any further details about the potential clash, but seeing as he’s fighting in October, and Logan is trying to fight in January, their clash could be a long way off just yet.

Obviously, it also remains to be seen if they’ll actually do it. The pair have spoken on their willingness to fight each other a few times but have never gone through with it. So, we’ll have to wait and see what happens this time around.

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