Jake Paul called out by ex-boxing champion willing to step in for Hasim Rahman Jr

Jake Paul with tongue out in boxing gymInstagram: Jake Paul

Former boxing world champion Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman is willing to fight Jake Paul after his fight with Hasim Rahman Jr fell through, and has even urged the YouTuber to “send” a contract.

After co-promoting the Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor superfight for his MVP brand, Jake Paul revealed that he’d be making a return to the ring this summer. Though, things haven’t quite shaken out that way.

The YouTuber-turned-boxer had been scheduled to fight Tommy Fury, but that fell through due to visa issues, and then Tommy’s replacement – Hasim Rahman Jr. – allegedly had struggled to make the required weight for the August 6th bout, prompting a cancelation of the whole event.

While Jake isn’t going to fight on August, and a return to the ring looks increasingly unlikely this summer, there are plenty of fighters willing to take on ‘The Problem Child’ if he wants to strap on the gloves.

Keith Thurman open to Jake Paul fight

One of those challengers is former Welterweight world champion Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman, who has recently stepped back into the ring after a near three-year hiatus.

The Florida-native was asked for his thoughts about Jake’s being canceled and quickly registered his interest. “Where’s it at? Man, send me the contract,” Thurman told Fight Hub TV. “I’ll show up tomorrow. I’ve always got six to eight rounds with a non-fighter, I could dance circles around Jakey Pauley, you know, whatever them boys are doing.”

Thurman noted that he had to miss Jake’s last fight against Tyron Woodley due to health reasons but called it a “good show” and even praised Jake for getting some “decent wins” under his belt.

Given he’s only lost one fight in his career – and that was to Manny Pacquaio – Thurman vs Paul would be a bit of a mismatch skill-wise, but the former world champion would also have to balloon up a bit to make Jake’s weight.

It’s probably not going to happen anytime soon, but it appears as if a few fighters are willing to fight Jake on short notice if he wants to step into the ring soon.