Jake Paul agrees to fight Sean O’Malley to “save” UFC 303 amid McGregor rumors

Michael Gwilliam
sean omalley and jake paul side-by-side

Jake Paul has accepted UFC Bantamweight Champion ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley’s challenge to fight the boxer in an MMA bout and “save” UFC 303.

UFC 303 has been under intense scrutiny leading up to the June 29 event, with rumors circulating that the big match between Conor McGregor and Michael Chandler won’t happen.

These claims first emerged when a press conference for the pay-per-view in Dublin was suddenly postponed – and while the fight was never off the table, reports suggest the UFC is looking for a new option.

Ariel Helwani claims that the bout is “very much in limbo,” and the UFC are either looking for someone else to battle Chandler or book a whole new fight.

As the rumors swirled, Sean O’Malley threw his hat into the octagon by tweeting, “I’ll fight Jake Paul to save UFC 303.”

‘The Problem Child’ was quick to respond and accepted the challenge, since he’s already looking for a new dance partner after his planned battle against Mike Tyson was delayed until November.

“MMA fight before Tyson,” he responded, tagging rival MMA company PFL. He followed this up by warning Sean that he has what it takes to beat him.

“100% will kill O’Malley in MMA. He’s a small man,” he fired back. “PFL vs UFC June 29th.”

Jake Paul was scheduled to make his MMA debut in 2024, but his plans seem to have been thrown into limbo given the Mike Tyson situation.

It’s still not clear what the UFC’s plans are for UFC 303 and if the bout will go ahead, leaving MMA fans waiting for more information. We’ll have to see if anything comes of this latest exchange, or if it’s all just trash talk between the two popular fighters.

In any case, expect to learn more as UFC 303 fast approaches and if ‘The Notorious One’ actually ends up fighting Chandler in what has been one of the wildest build-ups to any fight in quite some time.