Jake & Logan Paul’s music producer reportedly shot at in Puerto Rico drive-by

Jake Logan Paul music producer target of shootout PRYouTube: Jake Paul, IMPAULSIVE / Instagram: djkay_nan

A music producer for YouTube stars Jake & Logan Paul was reportedly the target of a drive-by shooting in Villa Palmeras, Puerto Rico.

On September 30, three individuals heading to a hotel in an Uber were shot at by as-yet unknown parties near the exit to Isla Avenue Green in Villa Palmeras, Puerto Rico.

One of those three persons was Las Vegas native Karl Nana, otherwise known as DJ K-Nan or DJ Kay-Nan — a music producer who has helped create songs for YouTubers Jake and Logan Paul. He is reportedly alive and unharmed, according to local news sources, although a passenger in the Uber’s front seat reportedly received two injuries and was later stabilized at a hospital.

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Logan Paul — a YouTuber with a professional boxing record who recently went up against undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather — recently relocated to Puerto Rico after his longtime stint in Los Angeles, to much controversy.


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Jake Paul has also made comments about moving to the island, and has even trained there alongside big bro Logan for his own boxing matches, his most recent against former five-time UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

On his Instagram page, Nan claimed that he’d been hired to DJ for El San Juan Beach Club in the Fairmont El San Juan hotel.


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Footage from a local news station appears to show the alleged targets of the shooting explaining the situation, with one of the party noting the sheer danger they went through — and anyone else that could have been a victim in their vicinity.

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“It didn’t hit me, right?” they said. “It didn’t hit my brother. Who was bro going for? It could have hit the next person. That lady walking right there? Boom! The ‘boom’ went out my door. It could have hit her.”

Thus far, neither Jake nor Logan Paul have spoken out about the situation on social media.