Lil Nas X first artist to drop official TikTok NFTs

TikTok/Lil Nas X

Superstar rapper Lil Nas X will be the first artist to release TikTok NFTs, the first of the series dropping this fall on October 6.

Rapper and singer Lil Nas X has been basking in the glory of the release of his first studio album Montero, leading to even more success for the Old Town Road musician.

Now, to financially capitalize on his string of fortunate music releases, has announced a unique project involving TikTok and NFTs.

Lil Nas X in an Instagram pictureInstagram: lilnasx
Montero has put Lil Nas X on top of the world, once again.

Lil Nas X TikTok NFTs

TikTok has announced its first minted NFT collection titled, “TikTok Top Moments.” The collection will roll out this fall, beginning with a digital collection staring Lil Nas X.

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The collection is slated to feature six TikToks of Lil Nas X as non-fungible tokens, plus an additional series of limited-edition NFTs.

The single edition NFT from the collaboration is coming from artist Rudy Willingham’s stop-motion TikTok, which includes 81 frames of Lil Nas X’s Montero (Call Me By Your Name), and will be going on sale on October 6. Weekly releases will take place throughout the end of the month.

Lil Nas X isn’t the only star that will be collaborating for this project, though. Other notable people releasing TikTok NFTs include Gabby Poarch, Curtis Roach, Gary Vaynerchuk, Birrany Broski, FNMeka, and Jess Marciante.

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The single-edition NFTs will be available on the Etherium blockchain, and the limited-edition NFTs will be launched by Immutable X, which claims to be the only carbon-neutral Layer 2 scaling solution.

Other viral TikTok’s that are set to join the TikTok Top Moments NFT collection are CurtisRoach’s “Bored in the House”, Brittany Broski trying Kombucha, and Jess Marciante’s most stitched video on TikTok.