IShowSpeed science experiment in his bedroom ends in disaster as firefighters show up

Shay Robson
IShowSpeed coughing in his bedroom full of smoke

YouTube star IShowSpeed was treated by emergency services after a science experiment in his bedroom went horribly wrong.

IShowSpeed is by far one of the biggest streamers in the world by this point. The 18-year-old has quickly made a name for himself in the live-streaming world. Known primarily for some of his wild antics and obsession with Cristiano Ronaldo, Speed has skyrocketed in growth, now amassing over 20 million subscribers to date.

From setting fireworks off in his room, and almost burning down his entire house in the process, to meeting some of the world’s biggest stars including Drake, Neymar, and even his idol Cristiano Ronaldo, there’s no telling what you may see from him on any given day.

In his live stream on October 3, Speed tried a science experiment in his own bedroom. The YouTube star attempted to make ‘devils toothpaste’ — which involves mixing Hydrogen Peroxide, yeast and dish soap to create a chemical reaction.

However, it’s fair to say the experiment went horribly wrong, resulting in Speed struggling to breathe as smoke sfilled his room.

Firefighters were called to his home, where according to a message in his chat from his own account, Speed was struggling to breathe and was receiving oxygen.

“Speed is currently with the firefighters, they’re giving him oxygen so he can breathe, he should be fine guys,” the message read.

Shortly after, Speed’s cameraman ‘slipz’ appeared on the broadcast to give an update. “He was in here too long bro, he’s like struggling to breathe,” said his cameraman. “We’ve got f**king firefighters and sh*t outside trying to help him. I don’t know what’s happening.”

Thankfully, nothing too serious came of the situation, as according to his cameraman the YouTuber is now fine and well.

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