David Dobrik & IShowSpeed team up to give away 10 Teslas

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YouTube stars IShowSpeed and David Dobrik are teaming up to give away ten Teslas in an unexpected influencer collaboration.

IShowSpeed is one of the most popular streamers on YouTube. After getting permanently banned from Twitch in 2021, Speed migrated to YouTube, where he has dominated as one of the platform’s most-watched broadcasters alongside names like Dr Disrespect and more.

Speed has been making major moves in his career ever since then, most recently dropping a viral song with fellow streaming sensation Kai Cenat (to mixed reviews).

It looks like Speed isn’t done with his domination as a top streamer, as he’s now collaborating with yet another huge influencer in a surprising turn of events — YouTube star David Dobrik.

Although YouTube is where he got his start, prominent vlogger David Dobrik has been relatively silent on the platform over the past year. However, he has been quite active on Instagram and TikTok, where he dropped his latest video that’s sending fans for a loop.

David Dobrik teams up with IShowSpeed in unexpected collab

On May 4, David Dobrik uploaded a TikTok alongside IShowSpeed, announcing that both creators are giving away ten Teslas in partnership with a certain company.

Fans are mostly gobsmacked that Speed snagged a collaboration with the elusive David Dobrik, who hasn’t exactly been making regular content on YouTube for a hot minute.

“Man, come back, make vlogs again,” one despondent fan wrote in a comment.

“ISHOWSPEED?” another exclaimed, seemingly in disbelief at the collaboration.

However, others are a bit disappointed that David didn’t make a vlog about his meetup with Speed, with one writing, “When he said go check it out, I checked his channel thinking there was a new video.”

For now, it doesn’t look like there’s a forthcoming YouTube video about their unexpected team-up — but with the giveaway lasting ten days, there’s still room to hold out hope that David might return to YouTube in one of the biggest collabs of the year.

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