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Is Logan Paul on the Masked Singer? Fans convinced by potential “clues”

Published: 30/Mar/2021 21:51

by Virginia Glaze


YouTube star Logan Paul has been making quite a name for himself outside of his presence as a social media mogul — and some fans are convinced he’s making an appearance on a widely popular game show.

Logan Paul has made quite an evolution as a content creator. Getting his start on Vine, the eldest Paul brother later transitioned to YouTube, going on to become a professional boxer for his viral bout against rival YouTuber KSI.

However, that isn’t where his dreams end; he has since scored an upcoming fight with none other than Floyd Mayweather, and even announced an appearance on WWE’s Friday Night Smackdown, leading fans to wonder — what more has he got up his sleeve?


It seems that there could be yet another major development in store for the internet star, as some fans are convinced that he is the “Grandpa Monster” in popular game show The Masked Singer.

Grandpa Monster Masked Singer
YouTube: Talent Recap / FOX
Some fans are convinced that Logan Paul is the celebrity behind “Grandpa Monster” on the Masked Singer.

The show, which got its start in South Korea, puts celebrities into an elaborate costume that conceals their face, tasking contestants with guessing their identity as they sing and bust a few moves on stage.

But what has fans thinking that Paul could be part of the show? Fortunately, the Masked Singer includes a “clues” segment that features some “backstory” on the singer’s character — which contained a few images that could point directly toward the YouTuber.


“Reflecting on my long life, I can’t believe the troublemaking fool I was as a youngster,” the monster said during the segment, pointing toward a “redemption arc” that is all too similar to Paul’s own growth ever since his incident in Japan. “…I’m still working on shaking my bad reputation. So when this old monster takes his mask off, I hope you’re not afraid of who I was a long time ago.”

During the clip, a shooting star was shown falling onto a spiderweb, leading some commenters to think that a “web star” is hiding underneath the costume.


That’s not all; some fans are tying the word “Bingo” used during his performance to Paul’s “Numbers” song — not to mention that the singer sounds exactly like Logan Paul.

So, could Paul actually be the man behind the “monster”? So far, there’s no direct confirmation — but it seems that everyone’s already convinced, anyway.