Logan Paul reveals why Floyd Mayweather boxing match was postponed

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Logan Paul reveals why match with Floyd Mayweather was delayed
YouTube: imPaulsive, ESPN

YouTube star Logan Paul shocked the internet after scoring a boxing match with none other than Floyd Mayweather — but just ahead of their fight date, the match was surprisingly postponed, leaving fans confused and disappointed.

The unfortunate news wasn’t so much broken rather than leaked; Paul’s coach, Kelvin Moore, posted an Instagram photo on January 22 where he accidentally let slip that the fight date had been delayed.

After the post was flocked by disappointed fans, it was promptly deleted, leaving the possibility up to speculation until Paul spoke out on the subject a short while later.

In a video with co-host Mike Majlak, Paul dismissed claims that the bout had been postponed due to “lack of interest,” and instead explained that “there are a lot of hoops to jump through” when scheduling a fight with someone of Mayweather’s caliber.

Now, Paul has officially revealed the reason why his internet-breaking bout with one of boxing’s finest stars has been put on the back burner, as told during a February 2 episode of his ‘imPaulsive’ podcast.

During the podcast, Paul admitted that he had been aware of the delay for some time before his Coach’s inadvertent leak, and is completely fine that the fight must be rescheduled for a later date.


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Although fans are no doubt chomping at the bit for more information, Logan couldn’t say too much about the situation, but did reveal that “COVID and business complications” were responsible for the delay.

That being said, the YouTuber-turned-pro boxer squashed any rumors of outright cancellation, claiming that his bout with Mayweather is still on in spite of naysayers.

“Fight’s still happening, so easy with the rumors that there was ‘no interest,’” he warned. “I do feel the need to say that this fight broke every single combat sport’s record for pre-sale pay-per-view numbers. Shattered.”

(Topic begins sat 33:30)

Bad luck for doubters, but good luck for Paul fans — the match is still afoot, although there’s still no solid date as for when these two will face off in the ring.

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