Is Fouseytube a master manipulator? Adam Saleh comes forward with allegations of abusive behavior

. 4 years ago

YouTuber Adam Saleh has released the second part of his vlog series covering Yousef ‘Fouseytube’ Erakat, who he feels has mistreated him and others after their considerable support.

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While Saleh covered his own issues with Fousey in the series’ first episode, his second video takes a look into Fousey’s treatment of other individuals.

One of Fouseytube’s employees, a YouTuber and streamer named Ahmed “Abreezy,” was cited by Saleh as having never been paid, and was allegedly made to quit his job to manage Fousey’s social media.

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In addition, Saleh claimed that Fousey was borderline abusive to Ahmed, and would scream at him if one negative comment out of thousands was left up on his videos.

However, these claims do not line up with those that Ahmed posted to his own YouTube channel, wherein he cited Fousey’s antics as “passion” and claimed that he originally did not want to accept payment from Fousey for his work.

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Saleh facetimed Ahmed twice during the vlog, and felt that he was “too scared” to say anything negative toward Fousey due to the fact that he was vlogging their conversation.

Saleh went on to compare Fousey’s treatment of those around him to that of a cult leader, much in the style of Shane Dawson’s current docuseries over Jake Paul.

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These claims were backed up by two of Saleh’s friends, who added their own two cents to the narrative during the vlog in an Uber ride. 

Part three of Saleh’s series will release on Monday, October 8, and will likely take a further look at Fousey’s impression on his friends and workers.

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