Adam Saleh exposes Fouseytube for lying to cancer patient during tour

YouTuber Adam Saleh has uploaded Part 1 of his series exposing social media personality Fouseytube, who he feels has turned on him after ample support.

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In a 24-minute video on the subject, Saleh revealed a slew of Fousey’s alleged wrongdoings, one of which involved lying to a cancer patient during their joint ‘Adam Meets Fousey’ live tour.

Fousey invited a fan who was diagnosed with cancer onto the stage during the tour’s first show in Sydney, Australia, and offered to pay for his chemotherapy.

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However, while Fousey created a GoFundMe page for the fan, it looks like the funds were never paid out to the patient in question.

Saleh messaged the boy through Instagram, who admitted that he had never received the funds that Fousey had promised him.

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When approached by the boy’s family about the funds, Fousey allegedly “rubbed off” the claims, citing the as-yet unpaid GoFundMe as proof enough of his efforts.

“It upset me so much that you were handing out empty promises,” Saleh said of the situation. “He does it so easily.”

Saleh went on to make a plethora of other claims around Fousey, calling him a “real diva” in reference to his ‘July 15’ event, for which he asked organizers to remove three dates in their tour.

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Saleh’s video follows his recent rant on Twitter, where he called Fousey a “garbage human being” and claimed that he was a “rat” to his own friends and family.

More details concerning the duo’s relationship will likely be exposed, as Saleh has now teased a fourth installation in his series on the matter.