IRL Twitch streamer throws drink at stranger who groped her

sushipotato fights off man groping herTwitch/sushipotato

An IRL Twitch streamer in Tokyo was forced to use her drink to defend herself after a man began touching her inappropriately during a live broadcast.

The IRL streaming category took a bit of a hit thanks to global health concerns, but things are slowly returning to normal, with more broadcasters venturing back into the great outdoors and documenting their trips.

‘Sushipotato’ is one such streamer. The New York raised, Japan-based entertainer took to the streets of Tokyo on June 1 to play soda can soccer with some strangers when one of the men took a seat next to her.

As the two engaged in a conversation, the man asked her where she was from, to which she jokingly replied “Antarctica.”

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Not deterred by the streamer’s sarcastic response, the man took out his phone and started playing music, getting Sushipotato to start dancing.

As she danced to the music, the man appeared to grope her, putting both of his hands on her chest, which instantly upset the streamer.

“Don’t touch my boobs!” she said before using her drink to splash him away. “Get away!”

Viewers in chat were freaked out by the incident, with one calling the assault “terrifying.”

“Japanese people are quite forward, I’ll be honest with you,” she responded.

Some of her viewers wondered why she didn’t respond more aggressively, but Sushipotato explained she was worried it could result in a suspension from the platform.

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“Yea, I should have just kicked him in the balls and then got suspended, right?” she remarked.

Hopefully, the rest of her streams in Japan are safe and she can avoid any more awkward situations such as this one.