xQc thinks big streamers feel threatened by Adin Ross amid Ludwig drama

Twitch Adin Ross xQcTwitch: xQcOW/Adin Ross

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has voiced his opinion on the Adin Ross and Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren drama, claiming that a lot of big streamers feel threatened by Ross’s surge in popularity on Twitch.

Adin Ross’s ongoing feud with Ludwig has taken over the platform in the last week. The drama began over a discussion about Ross and his audience on Ludwig’s stream, with both sides going back and forth over Twitter.

Since then, FaZe Banks has even got involved in an attempt to squash the “weird” beef between the personalities.

Now, xQc has weighed in with his opinion on the drama and admitted that he sympathizes with Ross, claiming that other big streamers feel threatened by a new face on the platform who has surged into popularity.

Adin Ross Twitch dramaInstagram: @adinross
Adin Ross has nearly 4 million followers on Twitch.

xQc claims big streamers feel “challenged” by Adin Ross

During his May 31 stream, xQc discussed the drama going on between Adin Ross and Ludwig, admitting that he sympathizes with Ross as he knows what it’s like to gain popularity on Twitch in a short space of time.

According to xQc, it’s this sudden surge in popularity that makes the already big streamers feel threatened and challenged; instead of embracing the newcomer, they make jokes at their expense as they’re insecure about their own position on the platform.

“I know what it’s like dude, to kind of come out of nowhere… everybody is kind of molding and everyone is being kind of bitter, and they kinda throw comments.”

xQc then goes on to condemn streamers that downplay and make excuses about why new personalities gain big audiences.

According to him, trying to minimize other people’s success is a bad mindset to have.

Instead of taking their frustrations out on new and popular personalities, xQc encourages already established streamers to feel empowered, as everyone is different and has their own style of content.

“Every stream is unique, everybody does their own thing… trying to limit everybody’s success and minimizing it, you just look like a f***ing dumbass, and it’s just like… it’s just a joke lol, shut up.”

While xQc didn’t take any direct shots in his comments, it’s obvious he disagrees with the way Ludwig and the other established streamers handled the Adin Ross situation.

As he has first-hand experience of garnering a huge audience in a short space of time, it’s clear xQc could relate to Ross’s situation and understood why the clip frustrated him so much.